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The Credentialing Process

Becoming a credentialed surgical assistant can be a complicated process and you may feel overwhelmed quickly. We here at GSSA would like to help make your life as a First Assistant a little easier by explaining the credentialing process.

Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Acquire a hospital application (some facilities may require you to fill out a pre-application packet in order to receive the full credentialing application, you will need to contact the medical staffing office at each facility you are applying for)

  2. You will need to include copies of any certifications or diplomas you have received

  3. Vaccination records – most facilities specifically look to see that you have 2 MMR vaccines and the completed Hepatitis B series

  4. Current TB skin test and Flu Vaccination (this must be done once a year)

  5. Copy of your driver’s license (some facilities require this to be notarized)

  6. Copy of ACLS/BLS card

  7. An updated resume signed and dated

  8. One physician reference and two peer references

  9. Copy of malpractice insurance

  10. Recent passport size photo

  11. Proof of suturing skills

  12. Any military discharge records (including DD Form 214)

  13. Background check

  14. Drug screening

  15. Copy of social security card

  16. Robotic training online certificate

  17. 2-year procedure documentation (this is specific to Wellstar and must include physician signature and specific comment about suture and bovie skills)

Once you have the information you need to get your credentialing application completed and approved it is important to make sure every year that you keep current your malpractice insurance, flu vaccination, TB skin test, and CPR card. Also, do not forget to stay current on your continuing education credits so your certification does not lapse. If you have any other questions or concerns about the credentialing process please feel free to contact any of our credentialing committee


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